From 3d printed parts to Metal parts

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  1. Do you want to know how to transfer your printed parts from plastic to metal?
    If you are interested, I will explain you step by step how to make your pieces in aluminum, copper or Nordic gold.
    To start we need to print the model in 2 pieces (cut in half) once we have the piece we want to manufacture (master) we do the post-processing, sanding and polishing of all the details, since if it has any imperfection, it will be copied as it is.
    It is worth taking some time to leave the piece with a good finish.
    Once we have the piece ready, we go on to make the molds to copy it with sand that can be petrobond or greensand there is a lot of information on the Internet and recipes to prepare this sand.
    The mold consists of 2 wooden boxes with keys each, so that they fit one on top of the other (always in the same position).
    We start by putting one half of our printed piece in the box, that we will fill with sand. To make it easy for us to unmold it later, we apply talcum powder or graphite powder.
    Once the first box of the mold is filled, we turn it over and stick with hot silicone or some other glue the other half of the piece on top of the one we already have. We fill the mold again with sand and press the sand well so that it copies all the details.
    Now we have the mold made, we have to open it and extract the plastic piece, leaving the hole where will pour the metal. Make the sprue and some more holes to let the air out.
    With the mold ready, heat the metal, in our case we use an electric oven, it is cheap and convenient. Carefully pour the metal into our mold.
    Metal pieceits done! Now it's time to cut the sprue, sand, polish and that's it!
    If you are interested, I leave you a video of the process. If you like, click like and subscribe.
    What would you do in metal? Does the process seem difficult or easy?

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