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  1. Hello. Looks like a great forum. Ive been casting aluminum off and on for a few years. Mostly using an oil bonded sand. But played with lost foam a couple times. Ive cast things like bread pan for my wife and an aluminum frying pan. And some awards for the local fights. Been looking into lost wax casting lately. I like the idea of 3d printing something in that wax type resin and casting it. Havent done it yet though.
    I also play with CNC projects. I think skill the combo of cnc and casting can go together very well.
    anyways I look forward to learning more and seeing others projects
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    Welcome Redshift, I think you'll find the members helpful and the forum a useful resource.

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    Hi, Also from Alaska,

    been lurking here a bit after watching A1203’s videos on YouTube.

    Been a decade since I poured anything, probably started playing with casting 22+ years ago… built my 3rd furnace in 2011, but hadn’t had a chance to try it… this summer I swear!

    Got a full setup of casting stuff and stuff to melt down… this prop will be last, it’s almost to pretty the way it’s been modified to melt… hmmm going to have to figure out how to post pictures here…
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  4. Hello ! My name is Phillip punch and i am from Alaska. Join here to learn thank for approving my joining request.
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    Hello to all from Alaska!

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