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  1. hatta

    hatta Silver

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Harry (31 years) from Austria/Tirol and happy to be here. (I hopy my english is good enough for understanding me... if not, my mum will kill me, because she is an english teacher:D)

    I work as a professional car body worker and car painter and with my brother i work allot on the lathe and milling machine. We do lots of stuff on old motorbikes and cars and trye to repair/restorate everything that's broken down.

    I just found your forum on the internet when I was searching different things for aluminium Casting.

    For about 12 years I'm planing to cast a prototype cylinder for old austrian twostroke motorbikes that gives more power and cleaner exhaust gases and I think the time is here to start the project.

    I started to make the core for the twostroke cylinder out of wax (i have to make a new layout for the transfer ports). Afterwards I will make a Corebox so that the reproduction is easy.

    I will show my project in a extra post and hope to get some ideas how to finish this project. :)

    Thanks and greetings from the rainy austrian mountains


    Ps.: here are some pics from the original cylinder

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  2. Al2O3

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    Welcome Harry. Great project. I do some engine related casting work myself so I'll be following your progress.

  3. hatta

    hatta Silver

    Hey Kelly

    Thx for your warm welcome.
    Your videos on youtube brought me here :cool:, your work is verry impressive. Lot to learn for me :)
  4. Tops

    Tops Silver Banner Member

    Hello Harry, you can tell Mutti that we think your English is really good.
    Gruetzi wohl miteinandern!
  5. hatta

    hatta Silver

    Haha, I will :cool:

    But Gruetzi wohl miteinandern is more lile the Swiss people say:D
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  6. Tops

    Tops Silver Banner Member

    Yes, for sure Swiss. What do they say in Tirol?
  7. hatta

    hatta Silver

    In Tirol we say "servus" or "griaƟ di"
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