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    Lifelong machinist and have been a CNC machinist/programmer for the last 20 years with a leader in the prosthetic industry. I machine a lot of castings we make for this industry including titanium, cast iron, aluminum and magnesium making a lot of billet stuff as well and a lot of carbon fiber.

    I have made quite a few intake manifolds patterns and cast them for some niche automotive markets as a hobby. It's great to be with so many like minded individuals....
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    Welcome CNC-Dude.

    I'm with ya there pal. Look forward to seeing your work.

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    Here are some pics of the intakes I've had cast. The dual Weber side draft intake in the top pic is for the early Chevy II 4 cylinder engine, and the triple side draft intake is for the bigger brother to the 4 cylinder engines, the 194-292 Chevy 6 cylinders. Im trying to find some pattern pics now to post....

    Marshall Weber4.JPG Marshall Weber6A.JPG
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