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Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by MrCrankyface, Jun 27, 2022.

  1. MrCrankyface

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    Figured I might as well introduce myself.

    Turning 32 this month(time flies...), located in southern Sweden(scania region).
    Always been interested in making all kinds of things, doesn't matter if it's electrical, mechanical or even digital.

    Been playing with "low level" electronics since 2002 sometime(coilguns etc).
    Been working with CAD and "regular" 3D-modelling since 2005.
    Started designing, building and "playing around" with 3D-printers in 2013.
    Could finally start with "real" machines when we moved to a house in late 2017. This lead me towards lathes, milling machines, bunch of different woodworking equipment, TIG, MIG and stick welders etc.
    It's like you can never have enough tools and machines. :rolleyes:

    My current obsession is of course smelting and casting, which I have about 0 experience from besides making tiny figurines from tin when I was a little kid.

    Constantly dealing with my endless list of projects and trying to find the time and mood to get things done.

    Some of the major projects I'm currently working on:
    -CNC-conversion of manual benchlathe(smaller 300kg/660lbs machine)
    -Full renovation of already CNC-converted K&T 2HL, scraping and replacing screws etc etc.
    -Building electric smelter/furnace(thread on this forum)
    -Rebuilding a '65 Volvo Amazon(122 in USA) from bottom up(frame rebuild, complete drivetrain swap, body-modifications etc).
    -Automated sprinklersystem for our property
    -AWD APC-styled RC vehicle where "everything" is supposed to be 3D-printable.
    etc etc...

    I'm hoping that learning how to cast things, mainly aluminium, will add another tool I can use for my projects.
  2. Al2O3

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    So True!

    That's quite an ambitious list. I like to have multiple projects going but since I'm into that completion thing, I also occasionally have to stop myself from starting new until I wind up a couple that are on the go.

    It's nice to be able to put metal where you want it. More tools making tools.

  3. BattyZ

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    I second Kelly's welcome.
    Oh these will be cool to see! I am sure you have thought about it but be mindful of the built-in backlash on manual machines. I converted a Van Norman 16 with Clearpath servos and Linuxcnc. There is backlash comp but it wasn't the same as a quality zero-backlash ballscrew etc. Just a heads up.
    This has been on my "roundtoit" list for a long time! Way more of a want than need.
  4. MrCrankyface

    MrCrankyface Copper

    I've noticed! :D
    The 2HL with it's 76 year old acme-screws has roughly a footballfield worth of backlash. I'm compensating some of it(it varies depending on position) but as you say it will never be like a zero-backlash ballscrew.
    I'm converting/upgrading/restoring the machine and learning at the same time, so it's a bit of a adventure, turning out version after version.
    First time it was just a strict disconnect of the powerfeeds(because I blew up the gearbox) and mounting geared steppers for powerfeeds, so I could at least use it.
    It's still like using a manual machine "with extras", I don't trust it to run curves etc without close supervision and careful feeds.
    I have ballscrews just waiting to get used, but too little time to take care of it.
    Lathe will get ballscrews from the start, I learned from the 2hl conversion.

    In my case it's more missguided lazyness than anything else.
    I'd rather spend 500 hours automating something than 100 hours doing it manually. :D

    Definitely something I'm trying to get better at! My usual trap is "This will just take a few hours to finish" and it ends up a 6 month project.

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