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    Hi Everybody,

    Searching for 3D printing and lost wax casting info led me here and it looks like a great spot.

    About me....my main casting interest lies with lost wax casting, and in particular lost wax from 3D prints. I bought a fairly complete casting set up years ago which mostly sat. New interest in it comes from the potential of combining that with 3 printing; really exciting possibilities. I've been trying to work with castable resin and filament and they assuredly present their challenges compared to say PLA or regular resin. More failures than success but I will persevere.

    Outside of casting, I'd had a a trilogy of unlikely careers; finance and sales previously and I now run a design build fabrication business in Ontario. The four kids are grown so I get good amounts of shop time these days. I'm a beginner at casting. I'd say I was advanced in the machining department with an extensive home shop, as probably many here are, fairly experienced at machine tool reconditioning (scraping) and also do, to varying degrees of expertise and success, model engineering, welding, electronics, photography, watch & clocks and instrument repair.

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    Welcome to the home foundry! There are a few of us here in Ontario. Mostly closer to you than I am (near Ottawa). There is a pinned thread somewhere with a map of member locations if you want to look some of them up or get yourself put on it.

    Sounds like you're well equipped to build any equipment you don't already have, that's good...

    Please let me be the first to say, let's see some pictures of your fairly complete casting setup! :D

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    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks all for the welcome. I should have clarified, the casting set up is fairly compete, but for lost wax. Complete at least for I'm trying do. Its a bit embarrassing how long it sat for, but I have a list of shop equipment I want (basically anything I dont have lol) and when a deal comes I grab it, whether there's a current need or not. A jewellers setup came for sale ages ago and I bought it, burn out oven, vacuum caster, a melter (which I replaced) and various pieces of polishing equipment. There is also a vulcanizer and waxpot, still unused by yours truly.

    Here's a video showing the set up - the video is probably a bit tedious, especially for any familiar with casting, but it shows the casting stuff I have. My youngest was home for the holidays and we cast a dog. Your basic paper weight, but were looking for a project...and he's a vet so a dog made sense. He shot tons of video and I put a bit together to show the process. This was the inaugural run of the equipment last December. We stunk the house up with that burn out (using very difficult to work with cast2print) so since I've installed a vent over the oven.

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