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Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by Kirk brown, Nov 26, 2022.

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    They call me Crafty B in the hot rod word and thanks for letting me join! I did sand casting in high school and revisited it almost 15 years ago already! I cast a lot of hot rod parts and especially pieces of my own design. I make all my patterns the old school without any CAD or 3 D printing because I love the challenge and the hand crafted feel that comes with it. I’ve managed to build a nice foundry over the years and use it often. I do a lot of shop tips and foundry videos because I always to be a metal shop teacher but went down the tool & die path as my career. Now I’m done with that so now I have time to be that internet teacher!
    Kirk Brown
    Delton Michigan
    _craftyb_ on Instagram
    Craftyb on YouTube
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    Welcome Kirk. I'm primarily a lost foam caster these days but I've made more parts from wood and plastic patterns......just not recently. We'll be looking forward to your future posts. We like pictures......or it didn't happen.

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    Nice channel, pretty sure I saw your fuel cap before...

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