Hood ornament casting

Discussion in 'Investment casting Block method' started by DavidF, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Doing a bit more lost wax casting, this time making a custom hood ornament for a 1927 model T.
    Im not 100% happy with the casting and will be repouring it, but without the added concern of making a video..
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  2. OCD

    OCD Silver

    Nice David. <Thumbs Up>
  3. Tobho Mott

    Tobho Mott Gold Banner Member

    Sam looked pretty good to me... Cool project!

  4. Jason

    Jason Gold

    That's cool. I'd stick him on my car! Nice plug for the site on the end.
  5. Negativ3

    Negativ3 Silver Banner Member

    That came out really nice David. White bronze?
  6. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Yes white bronze... Have to love that stuff :)
  7. crazybillybob

    crazybillybob Silver Banner Member

    What's in white Bronze? is it just extra tin that makes it "white"?
  8. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    I thought there was nickel in it, and that the nickel was the whitener, but they are not stating that here... https://www.riogrande.com/Product/Casterrsquos-White-Bronze-Chunks/706013
    Likely several different formulations to create a white bronze. I like the one i posted above (although expensive comparatively) but it casts easily, virtually no fire scale, low melt temp....
  9. Al2O3

    Al2O3 Administrator Staff Member

    I'd like to learn more about casting copper alloys, namely bronzes. Might be good for those in the know to start a thread about the typical casting alloys, their properties, benefits, casting practice, and where they are best applied.

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  10. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    the sds sheets on Riogrande lists the % of metals in the alloy. this white bronze has 15/20% Mn I expect that is the whitener...
  11. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Manganese is also found in ordinary silicon bronze. Just a tiny amount. I won a T-shirt of "the dirty smith" because I knew that. He made a mistake in a video and said magnesium. :eek:
    I get the two confused myself... Mn vs Mg
  12. Robert

    Robert Silver

    Throw some Mg into a pot of molten bronze and let us know how it goes!
    David-how corrosion resistant is the white bronze?
  13. crazybillybob

    crazybillybob Silver Banner Member

    Depends on how much and how fast you get it under the liquid bronze. Too much too slowly..... step back and watch the light show :rolleyes:;)
  14. Frank Clark

    Frank Clark Copper

    What pour temperature do you use? I'd like to play with something like this down the road, but not sure my electric furnace is up to the task. I know it will make it to 1600f, in theory they will make it to at least 1830. But how well that heat transfers to the melt.... ?
  15. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Ill have to look up the pour temp for the white bronze. I dont use a pyrometer :eek:
  16. Bill W

    Bill W Copper

    David, That's a cool looking part and it belongs on a roadster or other classic car. Thanks for sharing. Bill
  17. DavidF

    DavidF Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    That's exactly where it wound up...
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  18. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Show him the flying skull!

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