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  1. It involves clean living and righteous thoughts ;).
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  2. OMM

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    In my opinion it is based off of likes. Those who have achieved over 500 likes become Gold members. I am wondering who will achieve 2000 likes first to become the first platinum member.... My bet will be Jason.

    I gave Jason his 500 like one or two posts earlier than this interaction. He became gold. (If you want to follow the past quotation link just press the blue up arrow beside the posters name.)
    In my opinion, it is all about, good relevant, helpful information provided, with good content (or enjoyable content...), With best interest in heart. Appreciated by all, or One.

    For example, if this information has not been helpful, I will probably not receive one like., But then again I could receive 20! But that wouldn't make me a gold member(, as I think I need 221 more likes). That's OK. I'd rather give good content and likes deserved.

    This is just my knowledge of. I might be right, or wrong..... but, I don't want to beat around the bush , maybe a better clarified answer is, or could be well received from a gold member that has the real answer.
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  3. As for beating about the bush, I did get a 500th like last week some time, did get a congratulatory message and didn't notice the gold status for several days, so I don't actually know if it's the criteria for gold.
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    No idea...
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    I would like to say what a fantastic forum you have built, I will happy to help out after we do our first cast.
    Kudos to you and the many and their knowledge.
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