How to light a waste oil furnace

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    Not iron. I may be melting bronze one day but the price of LPG is outrageous, so something more economical appeals to me.
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    I only do bronze stuff and when I built my burner, I was all hopped up on the idea to burn off my free used motor oil. I had a 55gallon barrel in the shed half full of oil and had a pump on it. What I found out, I would start on jet fuel, then switch to motor oil. But by then, my bronze was pretty much ready to pour. So I said, fk the oil. Jet fuel is cheap and burns plenty hot enough. It lights right off without having to fart around with preheat or propane. For me, it's the perfect solution as I have a bottomless pit of jet fuel at my disposal. I got rid of the barrel and gave away the pump. Less mess is good when you are doing this stuff at home.

    You can run diesel or kerosene with the same results if you don't wanna screw with your local airport. Jet fuel is a lot cleaner than diesel and smells nice burning. It costs about a buck more than diesel and if you show up at your local FBO and treat them nice, they will be happy to sell you 5gallons. Act like an ass and they will tell you it's illegal or some other BS. (which it's not)
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