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Discussion in 'link to various suppliers' started by Gadabout, Jan 29, 2022.

  1. Gadabout

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    Does anyone know where I can buy some SIBELCO Incast 50n in Queensland, Australia ?
  2. I found a local landscaping supply company sold sacks of washed and graded silica sand, it was like 20Kg for $20 or so...this is in Cairns FNQ. There's a few silica sand mines, we get ours from Sunstate at Bundaberg, washed and graded and optionally kiln roasted if being used with resin.

  3. Gadabout

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    Ok thanks I might look around here (Caloundra) to see what the landscaper suppliers have
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  4. Our local source of silica sand at Cape Flattery is no longer available, it was super pure glass making grade so the landscaping supplier was sourcing it in 20Kg sacks from down south somewhere. Fraser Island is no longer mining it since the 1970's, they would have been close to Caloundra.
  5. Gadabout

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    I will look about! Thanks again
  6. Gadabout

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    I’m just surprised that Sibelco Incast 50N is so hard to find here, I was thinking it was Qland based but no one seems to have it.

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