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    In 2015 I joined Team 39 of the Century Cannonball Run. The goal was to run from Atlantic City. NJ to Carlsbad, CA on a motorcycle that was built before 1916. My part was to build patterns and cast heads for the V twin so we would have a spare engine. I posted the process in an AA thread using Photobucket and as we know double fiasco.

    Here I am with Mrs ESC and Linda Monahan, one of three female riders to compete, at the starting line in Atlantic City with a 1914 Indian V twin.


    Mach PM'd me that he saved some of the Indian head photos from AA. so I asked him to add to the thread.
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    028.jpg 031.jpg 032.jpg 033.jpg 034.jpg 039.jpg 040.jpg 041.jpg 042.jpg 047.jpg 056.jpg 058.jpg
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  4. I wonder if future vintage bike historians are going to be analyzing slight differences in your castings, years from now.
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    Some of the originals were marked B S. Some of the old lore is that the heads were cast by the Brown and Sharp foundry. I was working as Sandcrab Enterprises my old handle on AA so I marked mine S E

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    I find it amusing to think that in some far-off future year someone may come across an archive of this and suddenly a mystery that has plagued them will be revealed.
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    I'd forgotten how nice those castings were ESC. How thick are the fins at the root and tip?

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    I'd have to measure them Kelly, but it seems as though they were around .130".
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    I am trying to figure out the shiny silvery surface in the second pic shown by Mach in Post 2. Help!

    I guess sodium silicate molds were made as the primary mold?

    Remarkable work!

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    Nice work! I have a 1915 Indian big twin that’s is complete bar a decent set of heads! Are you in a position to supply any?
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    Melter, that is the corebox after filling with Repro cast polyurethane. I was on a budget, so I filled some of the box with wood strips. In the 3rd and 4th I rammed up a test with petrobond and the POP and wood pieces are followers that form the coreprint and allow the parting line to have zero draft at the base of the combustion chamber core, the draft is in the outer portion of the follower. Likewise at the exhaust port.
    All my molds and cores are Linseed oil bonded sand. I cast the hinged mold frame and core plates so the mold could be baked and then I rammed that mold in Petrobond in the larger aluminum flask to actually pour. There was some experimentation with longer sprues that show in some of the photos.

    Gadabout, PM me.
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    ESC pm sent

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