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Discussion in 'Lost PLA casting' started by ddmckee54, Dec 3, 2021.

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    I don't know how many of you guys keep track of things on the Home Model Engine Machinist forum, but there's a thread on there that you might want to check out. Foketry is building a model of a Porsche 917 flat 12 engine. He's casting many of his parts himself, and starting at post #157 he starts using Lost PLA. The method he's using doesn't quite match anything I've seen here, appears to be relatively easy, and he gets some amazing results. Here's a link to his thread, with luck it's even close to where he starts casting with Lost PLA.
    The rest of his thread deserves a look also.

    I recommended that he join here, but his browser is giving him a warning about this being an unsecure site. I get the same warning when I access the site using Chrome, but the IE that came with this Windoze10 machine is quite happy with this site - go figure.

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  2. DavidF

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    That's because of the https not showing on all the web pages. There is nothing " unsafe " its just I need to pay for a blanket ssl to keep the computer gods happy.
    Tell him ignore it and continue to site...
  3. Monty

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    Foketry's thread!!!......I say we start a casting monastery (no crazy oaths though!) near him. Check out that ocean view!
  4. ddmckee54

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    Monty you are absolutely correct, both on the name and the view fom the shop. I blame my dyslexic keyboard for the miss-spelling, it's either that or some dumbass spelled it wrong. No matter, I fixed it!

    DavidF, I understand the we need to keep the computer gods happy. I just find it curious that both Chrome and Edge will puke when trying to access this site because it's un-secure, but the browser that came installed on this Windows10 machine is quite happy with the site. A 3rd party software that's better than Windoze? It's almost blasphemy.

  5. Al2O3

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    It's been a while since I looked in on that one. He has made remarkable progress commencing to fabricate parts this year. I think he as a lot of prior invested time in research and modeling. Modeling engine building at that level is certainly impressive and requires high levels of passion and skill.

  6. ddmckee54

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    Kelly it is impressive, and I agree it requires high levels of passion and skill. If for no other reason than the fact that he has to make identical copies of a lot of things 12 times to get a running engine.

    It's how he's doing his lost PLA that I found really interesting, that starts at Post #157.


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