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Discussion in 'Lost PLA casting' started by theroundbug, Nov 8, 2021.

  1. theroundbug

    theroundbug Silver

    Test casting
    Frozen area of failure
    New design
    Latest casting showing successful pipestem and not invested body interior
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  2. Mach

    Mach Silver

    Very nice work, that's silver?
  3. theroundbug

    theroundbug Silver

    Thanks, it's silicon bronze. Probably a very high silicon bronze considering how much of the crucible has melted into the metal over time (I reuse bad castings a lot)

    Once my process is refined and consistent I will do a couple limited runs in silver.
  4. mytwhyt

    mytwhyt Silver

    Nice casting.. I must say you keep your hands in much better condition than I do.. :)
  5. theroundbug

    theroundbug Silver

    I just got a job polishing silver so we’ll see about that after not too long haha
  6. theroundbug

    theroundbug Silver

    First success! I got one bowl and two stems from this casting session. The one on the left still did not invest properly. I fault that to the undercut "bowl" area making air impossible to escape. The one on the right came out! It better, it's just a simple elbow... I made the cavity 3/4" to accommodate a hardwood dowel bowl I will insert.

    Two stems are mostly hollow with a solid section in the middle. Should be a piece of cake drilling those out.
    Time to start the artwork stage..


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