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    As i did stated in other thread - i was forced do go from steel crucibles to normal one.. One thing which stopped me was extra step in taking crucible from furnace with tongs and placing in pouting handle..

    Found more than one solution... but or too flimsy and relying on external pressure on flex and long bars/rods etc, or too complicated..

    So i got to this :

    Now re-filmed in normal light. And after one use. So in short - it works, and much better than expected. Handle is bend to make cg to go through crucible cg then it is full. And once it is locket in place - it will stay and it will not unlock while crucible is in place.

    And yes, i build it in a few hours of no-rush tinkering.
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    Excellent solution!
  3. HT1

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    test that filled with something really heavy , before you start working with molten metal, filled with brass, that will be a bear to pour,
    if you are only doing aluminum disregard

    V/r HT1
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    Tested twice already.
  5. Stanislavz

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    In action.
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    Yup. Just like that!

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    No like detected under video :D

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