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Discussion in 'Model engines' started by OMM, Dec 8, 2019.

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    With my new interest in casting, I met a chap the other day (that was about 30 years older than I). I told him about my bucket list for casting’s. My end goal being a small steam engine. He did some small tooling for A design he worked on. He gave me the finished product.

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    That's a neat little engine and nice castings. The timing is the key and the builder nailed it based on the ability to run slowly.
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    Matt prefers to run his near a low earth orbit!:eek:
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    I thought you may be interested in seeing these steam engine casting. Hopefully someday in the near future I'll get to machine and finish them...
    English Stuart steam engine castings...Compound Engine Castings and No. 10H as shown above in the video.

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    I've been on your youtube channel Myfordboy, love it and learned a great deal from your posts! Thank you...

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