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Discussion in 'General foundry chat' started by Jason, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. HT1

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  2. Patrick-C

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    How many of you youtubers have heard of or seen video shout-outs? I just recently came across them and I think they are really cool. They allow all kinds of youtube channels to help each other out, and that just seems really cool. I just made my first one.

  3. SRHacksaw

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  4. DaveZ

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    That sir is ingenious, a great video that everyone should watch. Hats off!!!!!
  5. Mantrid

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  6. SRHacksaw

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    Thanks Dave!
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  7. MrCrankyface

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  8. OddDuck

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    Well, didn't realize I hadn't shared mine yet, Tobho, I know you subscribe because you are also one of my most consistent commentors.

    My son is determined that the Mrs and myself are to be the next big YouTube stars, and even though I appreciate his enthusiasm, it's going to take a while, I think. I haven't even got 30 subs yet. I'm not exactly consistent with posting new videos, though, and that might have something to do with it.
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  9. Jason

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    Don't even bother. Youtubes glory days are long gone. And if you don't tow the line, forget it.

    But I do enjoy watching you guys ride that train around the yard.;)
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  10. OddDuck

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    Yeah, I told my son I'll believe it when I see a check. My wife probably stands a better chance of doing well than I do, she has the time to do it consistently, and her stuff probably has wider appeal.
  11. Mantrid

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    does your wife do art casting?
  12. OddDuck

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  13. Tobho Mott

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    Not a member, but I think you guys would love this.

    Jack Forsberg's workshop(s) is(/are) amazing, I had a chance to visit and see for myself this past summer at his annual event, the Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest. He's got all the massive old English cast iron patternmaker's machines you ever imagined and then some, all looking beautiful and running perfect. Calls the place the Wadkin Temple.

    He doesn't actually do patternmaking, but he sure could. Check out his YT if you have a minute, he deserves more subs and views. Mostly woodworking content... but some huge projects, and oh the machines!

    OMM tipped me off about the rust junkie fest back in 2019 but I wasn't able to meet up with him that year, and then I all but forgot about it until I happened to meet Nick Verbree, the resident blacksmith from the Temple last spring, and he told me not to miss it. Glad he did & definitely going back again next year.

  14. FishbonzWV

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    I've been following Leo and his Tally Ho rebuild. His capstan project involves several channels that can be found in the description. What a collaboration of talent.
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  15. HT1

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    My most recent piece a memorial that will be going up in Pearl Harbor. For those that don’t know I was stationed in PH for 9 years so it’s dear to my heart

  16. Petee716

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    It's always a pleasure to see the process HT1. That looks like one of those rubber stamp patterns. I didn't know she could make them that large.
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  17. HT1

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    7yes up to 12 inces

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