Molding with less thickness than the original pattern

Discussion in 'Sand Casting' started by metallab, Jan 29, 2023.

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    Recently I replicated an earthenware tea bag saucer in silicon bronze. It succeeded, but it was too heavy.
    So I got an idea to shave off a few mm from the drag by putting 3mm wooden slats between the cope and drag After filling both halves I removed the pattern and carefully shaved off with an aluminum bar along the frame of the drag and combined both halves.
    The result failed because the bottom was almost zero mm thick, so the metal was unable to flow into the bottom.
    So I repeated it and shaved off the 'bulge' in the cope as well, to get a reasonable bottom thickness. This attempt succeeded. There were still a few errors, such as the bottom was actually too thick again and not completely smoothed.
    But here a video (move mouse of top of the window to see it) with a time lapse of the molding.
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