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Discussion in 'Other metal working projects' started by Jason, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. Jason

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    My physical fitness program...
    Lost count how many trips I've made. I swear there is more concrete in these beams than the slab had.


    Almost got it. about 5 feet left.

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  2. Jason

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    The bastard is GONE! I was close, the slab itself was 7,000lbs.

  3. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Red necked me together a portable trolley system. I didn't want to full weld it out so I have some flexibility. The Uni strut can be flipped around to allow more throw out the door. As is, I can close the main door.

    These 3 triangle thingies push against the concrete, so the more load, the harder it locks onto the slab.


    Real uni strut attachements are almost 20 bucks a piece. F-that. This cost me nothing!


    Almost made these, but for 36bucks a pair, this was a no brainer.


    Mounted to the top of the 440/880 hoist



    And of course me acting like a jackass! Free ride to anyone that can name the TV show playing!

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  4. Zapins

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    I love it man. You're building the dream right here.
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  5. DavidF

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  6. Jason

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    God no. I drove a guys automatic once... You'd have do be a fool or really desperate to own one. Or scared to drive a stuck I guess. My 4speed is a hooligan to drive around town. It shits and gits!
  7. Jason

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  8. Jason

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    It's almost that time!!!!!!! I picked up one of those window shade truck bed things they sell at the hazard fart and I gotta say, that thing is damn near priceless! I've hauled over 5000lbs of dirt in the bed of that truck and didn't break a sweat unloading it. It's really that slick!

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  9. FishbonzWV

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    Load Handler!
    Mine has outlasted 3 pickups and is now mounted on a trailer. I like it so much that I flipped the axle on the trailer to get more height so the handle had ground clearance and built a custom tail gate to mount it on. I built a divider that mounts under the tail gate so I can gravel a two track road. 2200 lbs has been my largest load. Love that thing!
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  10. Jason

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  11. Jason

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    Had a little issue. Dirt would fall onto the lower belt and this sticky stuff would collect on the roller. Once a high spot is created, the belt runs off into the rubarb!
    Easy fix! Finish the damn hopper!

    16g sheet metal


    Forgot the mouse hole. DUH!


    DONE! Works perfect, I've really tried to overload it and no more tracking issues. This thing lines up the dirt and sends it down the line!
    That black crap is my silencer feature. I pop riveted some freightliner mudflaps and now it's almost silent when a load goes in.

  12. crazybillybob

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    Pretty soon we're going to see you on that Gold Rush show up in Alaska building them rock washers :D
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  13. Jason

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    So I had it with chasing the switch on the hoist and made it wireless. Works great. Now when someone stops by to bs, I toss them the remote and make them drive the hoist. lol


    4'6" depth. Long way to go! I just can't wait to have to embed that 3" shitpipe into the wall. I checked it and it's more than a 1/4 bubble so the turds should still go down hill after I add a couple of 22.5 degree turns around that corner. I found out ferncos are legal IF you encase them in concrete. Challenge accepted! They do make that extendo-cock coupling in 3". 54bucks. I'd like to think that is the better solution over the ferncos.



    I got a couple more of those 50dollar buckets in today. Those suckers are rare as hen's teeth! I'd like to have 10more!
    I'm just about the right depth to drill the slab before I get too deep. I have a ton of those to drill and don't wanna do those
    on a stupid ladder when I am right here. That might be next!

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  14. Mantrid

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    Could you hire a mini digger or is the door to low?
  15. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Too low...and they don't dig very deep either.

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