Propane Furnace Build Updates + Questions

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  1. Hello everyone,

    This is just a thread updating my furnace build that I posted about several months ago. Due to the lighter coursework this semester I've been able to make progress and will hopefully have most of it done by the end of the week.

    As you can see I have all of the "ingredients" ready besides the A10 super salamander which I forgot to add to the photo.

    Tomorrow I'm hoping to drill the holes into my propane tank for the gas and material inlets and I had some questions about sizing.

    I've attached a photo of the gas burner I purchased which is designed to fit a 1.5" opening. How should I go about connecting this to my furnace? Should I drill out a 2" hole and weld on black steel pipe and insert it?

    And for the material opening on the top, is there a general recommended diameter? I don't have any preference since I don't plan on using any particular size of scrap metal.


    IMG_20210303_115605.jpg IMG_20210303_115825.jpg
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    Without going back to your original post, what are your plans for it?
    I see wool and something in a plastic bag.
    Does your burner fit snugly into a 2" pipe?
    An a10 is large for a propane tank build.
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  3. Here is the original post:

    The wool is ceramic and rated for 2600F I believe. I was gonna do one layer then coat in Satanite Refractory Mortar which I believe is rated to iron melting temperatures as well. There's definitely room for tongs.

    The burner wouldn't fit snug, probably ID of 1.5"-1.75" pipe would be a snug fit. Wasn't sure if it should be in there tight or how long the housing pipe should be.

    The plastic bag is just casting sand.
  4. FishbonzWV

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    Can you disassemble the burner and show what's there.
    It looks like it's just a tube with two flares on it. The flares won't be needed once it is in the furnace.
    I welded a 3" x 1" nipple to my tank and the 3/4" burner fit snugly. I left the nipple a half inch shy of the hot face and trimmed the wool to a cone shape to make a flare.
    A 3.5" vent should be plenty for the lid.
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  5. Sorry I dissapeared for a second there.

    Here is the burner dissasembled:

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  6. FishbonzWV

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    Is that a 1/2" or 3/4" burner?
    You can insert just the tube into the tuyere if you wish.
    If you are doing more than aluminium, plan on adding a blower and 1/2" is pretty small.
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  7. 1" outer diameter on the burner. Should I get a pipe with a 1" inner diameter to use as my tuyere?
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    My burner is a tight fit.
    If you go with a larger tuyere, you can stuff wool around the burner to seal it.
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  9. Okay, that sounds great. I'll definitely have plenty of spare wool so that would work. I'll update you guys on the progress hopefully next week.
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    You may have already done so, but attaching some means of support for your burner on the outside of the furnace is helpful to eliminate undue stress or abrasion on your furnace lining.


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  11. Hello everyone,

    Just posting an update on the build. Drilled a 3.5" opening in the top and a 1" for the burner pipe. Added a threaded hole to the pipe and an allen screw to secure the burner inside of it. Seems pretty sturdy.

    Later this week I'll get into griding off the old paint, welding on the burner pipe, insulation + cement, and painting.

    Thanks for the help!

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