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Discussion in 'link to various suppliers' started by Daev, May 30, 2021.

  1. Daev

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    I bought my wire and controller from them some time ago. I have to rebuild my furnace and not sure if I will go with their controller or the 'new' cheaper PID. Spinning a dial is a bit quicker than punching a button.
    They also have ceramic tubing hi-temp hook up wire and other "hard" heating elemental stuff.
    That controller is pricy but is nice.
  2. Melterskelter

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    This looks like a good company to know about. Their stuff looks reasonably priced. Was their service good—-prompt shipping, tracking, courteous?

    Added: I see they carry a very reasonably priced 12V DC input mechanical 30-amp 250v relay. I looked high and low for one til I found one elsewhere. I was going to use it with a Bartlett control that they mention in their write-up is compatible. Hmmm, I’m liking what I see.

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  3. Daev

    Daev Copper

    It was a long time ago but I don't remember being pissed by anything they did. I think I found what I needed on the website and ordered it. No need to talk to anyone, not even for the pre-wound wire as the site tells you what it does, what its for.

    I have other links I've found in my searches for stuff. I've given up on castable refractory- shipping costs. and fire brick- too expensive. I have discovered a person can make their own fire brick so may try that. I think I can get the needed raw materials at a local ceramics supplier.
    I could post some of the links but it would be like a data dump.
  4. Al2O3

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    I like that Watlow CV controller with the dial. If it was 1/16 DIN (direct swap for my panel PiD) instead of 1/8 DIN I'd buy one and may still for my melting furnace.

    I surfed around their site and prices seemed competitive. That's a nice source for one-stop shopping. All the pre-wound coils they offer are nice for DIYs, but not sure I quite understand their power range for a single coil. I mean 3000-4000w as a power spec? Which is it? That's a big spread if you are trying to design within constraints. I still prefer to wind my own heating elements because you can get exactly what you want and their resistance wire prices are competitive. $40/lb is sort of the going rate for Kanthal A1.

    I'd like to hear more about that. More than once that I've had a need to a insulating refractory shape not well serviced by brick.

    Maybe a forum member can help you out. There must be a industrial refractory source near Rochester NY.


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