silicone and casting resins

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  4. Hiho,it makes me so said,seeing what you guys in the US have to pay for products ie Polytek's

    Hydrogel® Alginate Mold Compound..

    (& the pisser is that Polytek is a good seller here)

    At the grand u.s price of us $28
    For the same size product below..

    Here in Australia try this.. Screenshot_20210413-195556_Samsung Internet.jpg
    All though I feel for those on us$10 (au$12) a hour in your country (our o/s fruit picker bitch of rip off farmer/labour hire paying $12 hour pay rates ( welcome to my world of scabby transportation/ truck driver bosses... who'll try on all sorts cr@p to get out of paying u..(but are stuipd enough to give you a fuel credit card,so easy to make up stollen pay or even do off the book loads..

    & our tween age children have to put up with under the counter pay rates of 7-$12 hour

    ..but even here at the legal base rate of au$25hour it still takes 5.3hours of work to pay for a au$133 for a 2kg/4.4lb little tub..dream on if you think of trying to buy a 5gal bucket ( in us$129/you think au$154.80 no way hoezaay..,I was even shocked you guys can get 5gal buckets of it...

    Its so expensive here I googled what sort of seaweed you need to make it,turns out we (once) made it in Tassmaina ( think of where your 1920's golden film idol, Errol Flynn was born),but we harvest to much of that sort of weed...end of that line of supply..
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