Things I have learned PVB casting in Suspendaslurry

Discussion in 'Lost PLA casting' started by Ferrisbeu, Oct 14, 2021.

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    Been playing with PVB for a bit now. Thanks for the tip, whoever gave it to me. It is burn-outable and is alcohol smoothable. You can dissolve it into a syrup also for additional build-up of material. If I print on ultra-fine, not too much finishing needed.
    So far, zero cracking issues. I coat 7 times, last one using the 50/100 sand to seal it. It gives it a nice light roughness that makes it easier to pick up with tongs.
    I am making larger solid statues, 4-6 lbs of brass. Skulls, Disney figures, busts etc. I use foam to make my sprues and gates.
    I burn em out in a hot furnace. the nasty part goes pretty quick. After about 15 minutes, I pull em out then melt my metal. Once my metal is about half done, I pop one of the molds back in with it and finish final burnout.
    I use #6 crucibles from Legend. Great prices!!
    I am still learning, trial and error. I prefer trying to figure out what works for me, not looking at vids of other people. So far I have had some fairly outstanding results. My fans seem to be happy and so does my wallet. I only do private sales.
    I'm making a collection of mini-anvils right now, just for me. The only problem I have with Suspendaslurry is it takes forever to dental pick everything out of small crevices. I wish it was as easy as regular investment. If anyone has tips, I'm listening. Sand blasting works kinda well, but I just have a HF hopper gun.
    Just my experience. It works for me. Your experience may vary
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    How about some pictures of the castings ..
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