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Discussion in 'Lost foam casting' started by ESC, Jul 20, 2022.

  1. ESC

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    I picked up a Thule pickup rack at a garage sale missing one of the bed clamps. Unfortunately, it turned out to be obsolete and no longer available so foam to the rescue.

    The pattern looked just like this and when I lifted the soup can Kush, it slumped to this shape. I machined the flange to fit the other extrusions and added a metric nut for the clamping bolt.


  2. Melterskelter

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    Nice result. Do I read the photos correctly as showing your sprue directly entered your mold cavity on the shoulder of the part right in the middle of the right angle break? So, the cavity filled largely with a top-down flow of metal? How was your cope and drag set up? It looks like you may have coped down to the pattern in the drag and then packed the cope. The large sprue acted as a riser as well? And finally, how did you make your pattern---3-part wood with a disc sander and and drum sander for contouring? More details needed...;-)

  3. rocco

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    Not relevant, he used lost foam.
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  4. ESC

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    Melter, I thought putting this in the lost foam thread was self explanatory. And for a part nowhere near as complex as Kelly's creations it did not require a shot of a foam pattern that was the same shape as the casting or the part to be copied.
  5. Melterskelter

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    Ya, makes sense if I had just noticed the location of the post. Shoulda had another cup of coffee. Sorry.


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