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Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by Wader, Mar 6, 2023.

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    I'm looking for an immersion type pyrometer for aluminum. Mifco is "out of stock" an almost everything. Anybody out there that bought one and havent used it in awhile? I can give that spare pup a good home...
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    I gave been messing around with 13$ Amazon thermocouple housed in a graphite cover. Got the cover idea from Kelly I think. If you search for 'flippah' you should get to the pics and me being schooled on melting vs pouring temps :) . I also have a Mifco in conduit aka HT1, will probably use that more when my bigger furnace is running.

    PS: https://forums.thehomefoundry.org/i...al-temperature-and-how.1344/page-5#post-46117
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    I published a detailed article on Alloy Avenue about pyrometers, and how I made some, bought some, and finally found an acceptable pyrometer for my bronze foundry.
    Below is a link to my server for the article. It originally contained instructions for two pyrometers I built. One used a Mifco probe. It soon melted. (They are probably fine for aluminum: I don't know as I never melt aluminum.) So I have deleted that material, and here is what has worked for me for years. I cannot praise this pyrometer enough.


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  6. Melterskelter

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    Just to provide a variety of possible routes: I made an immersion pyrometer a few years back and have been using it ever since primarily for iron though it also works fine for aluminum.
    There are posts at intervals in this thread with most of the details. It has been very rugged and reliable and I am completely satisfied with it. I think there may be other readouts to consider that instead of displaying mV's show Degrees F or C directly. I have gotten very used to target temps a mV and feel no ned to change the readout.


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