Wheel center cap needed.

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    I imported the logo from your picture, cleaned it up, and with a little trick I learned was able to project it onto the surface of the wheel center. I just approximated the wheel center dimensions from your photos. I'm surprised how well the logo projected and quality of the resulting toolpaths. It took me longer to clean up the logo than it did to do everything else. The cutting simulation worked fine. Here's the result.

    CB Cut File WC 1.jpg

    Cut File WC.jpg

    I'd still need to do the backside and bosses but the logo was really the only tester. It takes some machine time but I'd just cut a foam pattern and cast it at the correct size.

  2. That looks fantastic! If we can reach a deal i would send you the original cos you would any information/measurements you need.

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  3. Thank you to all, learned lots and enough to know it's beyond me.
    Kelly ( A123) is making me two. Thank you.
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