Who's my importer around here?

Discussion in 'Other metal working projects' started by Jason, Dec 21, 2021.

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    Mark, that thought did cross my mind, but I went through their website. Looks okay from what I can tell. Wemet is their name.

    Yes Peedee, Wanna come help dig an enormous hole? Lift goes about 8 feet underground and goes up and down. Cars can be parked on both levels at once, just not lifted 2 at a time. Upper level does double duty for light service work with lower car removed.

    Rocco, If there is a lift out there, I've seen it. I even considered cutting rafters and restructuring the roof trusses. I dont have gables and the garage is on the corner with 2hips and a valley. I just dont have the ceiling height. It's exactly 8feet. Unless I had a pair of gt500's, there is no way a conventional lift would work. The lifts in your photo would require 14feet of headspace at a minimum. Believe me, I wish I had a basement. If I get another 10-15 years here, I'm okay with that. I'll remove the lift, fill in the hole and move away. Next owner pays for it or doesnt get it. Simple.

    Someone even suggested putting the machine shop on the lower lift and keeping the cars above ground. That was an interesting idea, they just didnt know how tall a bridgeport actually is. For now, I'm staying positive and let's see what the testing video shows. Until then, I'm not cutting the floor. I probably wont start that until it's actually sitting in the driveway.

    lol, a Bug over an SUV. That's funny, that would require some serious height. I cant even stack an old jag and a stupid miata in 8feet. Therein lies the problem. What's really wild is how WIDE a miata actually is. I need 80" between pillars for lower deck use.
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  3. Peedee

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    For flights and endless beer I might consider it...

    I take it you have plans to access the jack motor when it goes pffftt. :)
  4. Jason

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    You bet! They leave an access hole and if it's not big enough, I'll whip out the angle grinder. The top deck will also have removable plates too. Trust NOTHING!
    I wanna go a step further! Being around airplanes, you will appreciate this idea! I'm thinking a selector valve on top of the lower deck and a hydraulic hand pump to raise this bitch when all else falls. Barring from a total actuator failure, I'll get it back up in the event of a breakdown. If there is a car on top of the hole, that could be an issue. I suppose lower a jack and some stands. Raise the car on the deck as there is space between the levels and bobs your uncle. Murphy's law says if it shits the bed, you can bet there will be a car over that access hole!
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    Didn't want to think the worst but when you have my luck...
  6. Jason

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    Oh you're absolutely right. All possibilities must be considered.
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    Keep the building inspector and nosy neighbors away. Don't know how it is in TX, and it was years ago, but when I wanted to put a simple pit in my garage floor you wouldn't believe the BS they threw at me.....leak containment, drainage, confined space, radon abatement.....they basically just weren't going to allow it in a residential building. It was new construction so I didn't have much choice. I would have just done it myself after the fact but I would have had to fill it to sell the property. I had a high ceiling so high-lifted the overhead door and bought a lift.

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  8. Jason

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    Yup... People seem to have a hard on to tell you al about exploding fuel tanks, leaking toxic waste that kills unborn cats.... You name it.
    It may be a big hole in the ground, but it's certainly not a pit in the conventional way.
  9. Jason

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    OMG, these guys get shit done! That was F A S T!

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  10. Jason

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    Looks like someone missed my instructions. They were not to weld any of the 5mm diamond plate to the upper deck.
    I'm not too peeved , as long as they remember to ship the plates to cover these
    openings, I won't bitch too much. I'm guessing those 4 things sitting on it are the uprights.
    Hopefully they can get this thing on a boat quickly before someone sneezes at the port and they shut this bitch down again.:rolleyes:

    Upper deck
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  11. Peedee

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    Watching, I think you could work access plates into that but the frame seems it would be 'whippy' without the plate welded in. You are more than capable of modifying.

    Have you dug the hole yet? I waiting to see the jag with hot wheels painted flames going up and down in the car port. ;) (50 but still a child at heart)
  12. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Lol.... No hole yet, I'm going to wait until this thing is in the driveway before I get out the concrete saw. I had asked for photos of the structure, but they missed that.
    Hopefully I won't have to modify it too much, but I was planning on welding all the plate on it in the first place. :rolleyes: Time will tell.

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