1/4 scale '41 Willys

Discussion in 'Other metal working projects' started by ESC, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. ESC

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    Hot August Nights swap meet. Good show and the Willys was well received.

  2. ESC

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    I switched back to engine work because I need to have it to determine the engine compartment clearances. This is a setup with a lathe milling attachment mounted in the offside T slot. I use the compound to add rigidity and then machine the main bearing and cam journals with a boring bar held between centers. That is it on the headstock. A 1/4" cutting tool is mounted in the hole and adjusted for depth of cut. The step drill just gives the start for a "D" bit that is one end of the boring bar. Then it is reversed and one end held in the collet and the other with a center in the tailstock.


    I'll start a thread in small engines when I get into the machining of the block and heads.

    I found this on Craigslist for $15 and it was the perfect size. It is tall enough to handle the car even when the wheels are mounted.


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  3. ESC

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    I also started on the rear end. I thought I could get away with making the axles from Chevy intake valves, but with the backset on the mags, they weren't long enough to reach the third member. so Ill sleeve them together to use as roller axles.

  4. ddmckee54

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    Add an underslung frame to that thing, a couple of wheels, some steering, a seat cushion, a small-ish engine and you've got the equivalent of a powered little red wagon for getting around at the swap meets.

  5. crazybillybob

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    love the "Shipping Crate" you picked up for it. really hit the era vibe you have with the willys.
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  6. Jason

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    Yeah, he's got it all packed up to mail it to me just in time for christmas! Hope he finishes it by then.:p
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  7. Al2O3

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    When the Willys is done, I think it needs a chassis dyno to sit on as a display platform. Attach the rollers to an alternator with resistive load and display!

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  8. ESC

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    Thanks guys. The steamer trunk was just the ticket for a thousand mile jaunt to Colorado Springs in the basement of the RV.
  9. ddmckee54

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    I still say you need to add some wheels. a small engine and a seat to the steamer trunk and use it to get around at the shows and swap meets. It'd be way cooler than a motorized little red wagon.


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