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  1. Looks great, the ducks are a nice touch too. I'm waiting for someone to make pavers out of these two tiles:

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    Im suprised that the people there who are struggling with bills are not using all their land to grow fruit and vegetables and even have a few chickens
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    Nice work Zap! You got a pet duck? My sister had a goose, it was like a pet dog around the place until some bastard stole him from the yard.
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    You'd think right? Maybe they don't recognize anything that isn't deep fried and covered in sugar as edible?

    Yup got 5 duckos. They provide the comedic relief.

    I like that pattern Mark. Probably could get molds made and pop out pavers.
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    My family has gone full hog wild in Kentucky. Pigs, egg layers and meat birds. The stuff coming out of the garden is incredible. The meat birds stink like hell! They put 50 of them in a cage on wheels called a chicken tractor. They drag the thing through the yard every few days. One got run over so they ate it. You don't realize how mushy store bought chicken is. It's more flavorful too.

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    Oh I bet! I've been enjoying my harvests. Got enough garlic and tomatoes already for the year. Still have sweet potatoes from last year... and ginger.

    More produce coming in. And the grapes and fruit trees are nearly ready too. Another month and a half and we are good to go.
    20230730_233000.jpg IMG-20230703-WA0005.jpg
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    I hear garlic is real easy to grow... Got any tips I can pass on to my sister? I flew the Salinas rodeo recently and stayed over in Gilroy. I swear the airplane still smells like garlic! Not a great smell when it's 105 outside!:(
  8. Zapins

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    Hmm. For garlic basically plant the biggest cloves you have and eat the little ones. Plant oct/nov and then harvest mid June. You need to also pick the scapes (flower stalks) which you can eat or make pesto sauce from when they have grown to 1.5 spirals. This is about 3 weeks before garlic is ready to pick. You pick garlic when about half the lower leaves go brown (the last 4 to 6 pairs nearest the ground). Then you gotta hang them up out of the sun and cure for 2 weeks before bringing them in.

    I grew red chesnok which are a bit milder and are a hardness variety (have a scape/flower stalk), also grew german garlic which is a stronger tasting larger bulb without a scape flower also called a soft neck. The German ones were attacked by onion maggots which ruined about half the bulbs. So that was disappointing. Red chesnoks had no issues
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  9. Jason

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    Thanks! I'll pass that on!
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    There are two types of garlic, hard neck and soft neck, the one Zap is referring to is the hard neck, it's what grows best in most areas of the U.S. If you're buying garlic with the intention of planting some of the cloves, look for the heads of garlic that have a stiff stem coming up through the center of the head. The super cheap imported garlic you often see in the grocery stores is usually the soft neck.
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    Added more path. 2.75 pallets of brick laid out of 14. Slow but steady. I might try the diamond saw tomorrow slice bricks and make a nice edge.
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