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Discussion in 'Lost wax casting' started by Sirgei, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Sirgei

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    I gotten 4.8KG of scrapped copper wire from ebay for £32. Was super happy.
    At last that area is off.

    I didn't ignored you, Peedee.
    I couldn't and can't ask for freebies. It is something I was always taught as as far as I can remember. It is in the culture.
    So, I apologize if that was offencive to you
  2. Sirgei

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    I think I might have mis-worded something. Regarding hobby machinists, I meant I haven't found any in my local area.
    Not meant UK as a whole. If You understood so, then it is my fault. I put it wrongly in context.

    I have gone off a wrong foot on this forum. Don't really want to mke a mess of things on another, but I gonna try as I want to ask a person who has a lathe what would it take to make 1 DIY.

    After sleeping over the yesterday's test, I had a think.

    Would you point me out to a thread where here is an explanation on how to build a heating coil furnace or just the coil?
    Don't have to be with temp controller-can look at it and see it is molten. Coal-fired thingy just too dirty/smoggy etc for my area of existence.
    What furnace I have should at last work out for Aluminum stuff, while I am having a fresh think on the things.

    So, Please point out a thread which discusses making induction heating coil.
    Thank you
  3. Peedee

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    Resistance or induction?
  4. Sirgei

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    I think induction, but i am not sure 100%
    Honestly I am not sure.
    On the thing I got from Ebay says it is induction.
    It has a digital thermostat, but can do without it.
    I got a buddy in UK, in the south who is electrical engineer
    If I find a plan on thread or guidance on that subject instead of molds - may be he can cook me up a coil for a fee.
    Then I would only need to put it into a heat-refractory material.
    And it won't be plaster. I get the thing that thread would say to get.

    bay thingy I keep. Better something then nothing at all, but I see I need to do some thinking at last towards DIY furnace
  5. Peedee

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    I'm off to pay my taxes, you carry on with the time machine but have a read up on the difference between resistance and inductance or you may end up stuck in 1954.
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    Is there a particular reason why you want induction heating? Are other methods which aren't dirty/smoggy an option or does it have to be induction for some reason?

    Al203 (Kelly) has a thread on his furnace design and build which is very well laid out if you want to go the electric route, but I think the best is this one:

    Here's Scott K's build:

    Another link with some more discussion...

    I've considered an electric furnace, but haven't comitted much time into learning about it so there are likely many other great threads that I am unaware of. Perhaps others will chime in with more links.
  7. Sirgei

    Sirgei Copper

    It doesn't matter to me if it is resistance or inductance.
    As long as I can find the parts and stick a bigger melting pot into it.
    At later date.
  8. Sirgei

    Sirgei Copper

    Thank you for the links.
  9. Casting pure copper can be extremely difficult. Here's an off the wall suggestion. Make a core for your tube out of a water resistant material. Coat the surface with graphite to make it conductive. Using an electrolyte bath, the pattern as an anode, a copper cathode and a battery charger, electroform the tube you want. It may take some time to build up the thickness you want, but it will be as close to pure copper that you are going to get. No need for a furnace, kiln or any other heat source.
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  10. Jason

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  11. Sirgei

    Sirgei Copper

    Small Update.

    My friend in Russia bought ready made copper tubing last year and DIDN'T tell me until February this year.
    He already fully built the item with those tubes.
    So, I will try this with hemispheres instead.
    Weather still bad here. Sunny, buhhe withen weather got too cold so, I de

    ALSO, Thank you very much for videos that show furnace making.
    I have made a schematic on paper from those videos. When I get new scanner I scan them and put here to show.
    My neighbors as I said last year very picky, touchy and nosy. So, to keep them happy, I need a special type of furnace to be a spare for my Chinese one.
    My biggest problem here is to get a grooved crucible that is bigger in size.
    Well, I post design in a new separate thread.

    I HAVEN'T gone anywhere. Just in the winter I did nothing, so had nothing to say.
    I started cylinder casting project after friend in Russia complained constantly about costs.
    I have solved the problem with making that hole BTW.

    Instead of trying to make long tubes of wax, paper etc etc I made set of flat bricks. totally flat. Tho I made only 3 to test it, then weather got too cold. Back in October last year

    Each flat brick 15 x 15 cm and 3cm thick. I got a a plastic tube of exact diameter as inner cylinder - 90mm. Cut teeth in 1 edge of it. Fit it to a sort of hand drill and was really slowly grinding/drilling that brick. Until it was drilled right through. First I drilled center hole with normal masonry drill bit.

    After finishing that hole through- REALLY HARD JOB, I was going too drill 9 more like this. Stack them onto a 8mm threaded steel rod.
    Put some very liquid plaster on each one so they bind together. Dry and polish surface after.

    Square brick with 90mm hole also stack. In a wooden frame so they all be perfectly centered. Also bind together and polish after drying.

    In the same wooden frame, was going to be another plate of plaster on the bottom. To be floor. That plate also with a hole. Put disk stack here, and bind it with liquid plaster. Whole thing was projected to weight like 20kg. After all glued and bound, it was gonna go into another bigger box filled with casting sand mix. Mix is brace on walls in case of crack. It took me 3 weeks to prepare hand grinder for all this. REALLY ANNOYING that friend just went and got and didn't tell me.

    So, this year I use my experimental experience in trying to make a football sized sphere. To make my own project in UK. Sphere mold would be done differently. I really looking forward to it. I will show it in another thread.
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  12. Wow what a read... well done everyone, well done!

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