Wanted: Small one-time odd job metal casting pendants

Discussion in 'Request casting service' started by Perish4, May 1, 2020.

  1. Kurtis Kiesel

    Kurtis Kiesel Silver

    It's some Titan symbol...


    I would hand make them in wax and pour 6 or 7 in the spru's of my next bronze shell. I will be pouring later this month if you want, 20$ a piece shipped and I will finish them to whatever color you want before I ship them.

    Something I hope you would consider. If this is for a play, that would be obsurd. Buy a sheet of craft foam for 1$, or grab some plastic from a used disposable container and spray paint them. If you want to splurge go super scupy. For theater / tv you want zero weight and upcycled cost. Only a starving actor wouldn't complain about the weight if it wasn't lighter than aluminum.
  2. Billy Elmore

    Billy Elmore Silver

    We made a foundry in a box and take it to schools around the area to get kids interested in metal casting. Very cheap and easy. Be great for doing things like this! We had a link to our setup but I cant find it at the moment. I will post everything that is used when I get a chance... if I cant find the link.
  3. DavidF

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    That should have its own thread and not be burried in this one... ;) Post it up and I will give it a sticky for those looking to get started...
  4. Billy Elmore

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    I think they took it off the website as they recently updated it. I will get some info from our guys and see what I can come up with.
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  5. Petee716

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    Nice job on the tag and fonts. BTW skill building is all well and good but it can be a real pain in the ass!

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