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Discussion in 'Lost wax casting' started by Zapins, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Did you wipe down the red with anything before silicone? I think I used alcohol if I remember.
    The static shocks is from blasting, not your lights. You'll see what I mean.. :eek::p
  2. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Something I just learned last year, silicone has a SHELF LIFE! Get some old stuff, and it will never cure.
  3. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    I didn't wipe it down. I'm not sure how much that would have helped. I'll do a test run tomorrow. Caulking was new.

    The cabinet is grounded, I hope that helps with static. Maybe not tho. I need to make the trolley for it and hook up the dust deputy and tidy the cables inside.
  4. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    WTF is a dust deputy? Is that like a swirly cyclone thingy that separates the dust?
  5. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    Yep. I got one to reduce dust getting to my shop vac.
  6. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    cool, let me know if it works.
  7. Peedee

    Peedee Silver

    You'll be grateful for changing out that little flouro, the one I had was useless!
  8. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    I'm very stressed out. My landlord rented my apartment out to someone else without really notifying me that someone else was interested and giving me the option of rerenting before the other guy. They want us out on june 30th, and I have huge exams on july 13th which they knew about. They had previously said I could rent the apartment out beyond June 30th but then suddenly changed their minds when another tenant wanted a full year lease. So now I have to apparently eat it and waste a week or more of study time finding a new apartment if one even is out there and moving before my exams. 2 weeks notice isn't enough time to find a new place.

    Basically it seems like I'm royally fucked. I may have to put a hold on casting all this stuff. I'm extremely unhappy about this.
  9. Al2O3

    Al2O3 Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    Do you have a written rental agreement? Even if it's a month-month agreement you may want to do a little checking on your rights and what your landlord's notification obligations are to you. It will vary depending on location but in any case I'm guessing it's greater than two weeks.

  10. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Do NOTHING. Literally, tell him to pound sand and try to hand him a check for next month. It takes FOREVER to get a tenant out. Finish your exams and leave in July. Trust me, he cannot get court action to have you out by the end of this month. If he enters your place to remove you, he is the one that will be screwed. One thing I've learned, the tenant holds all the cards. If this guy won't accept your check, tell him he can have the place back at the end of july and close the door. THEN drag his dick through the sand to make him collect for july.
    What do you care if he won't give you a referral? Just don't list him on the next application.

    I was never taught how to screw people over. Some folks just seem to have a knack for not paying their bills and gaming the system. Funny how the older I get, the sharper my vision and wits become. You should have seen the 2 teenage girls that had the STUPIDITY to knock on my door last night at almost 10pm to beg for money for some school BS. This is west texas, you don't knock on some strangers door that late. A little later and you get greeted with cold steel.
  11. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    I lucked out royally this time. She must have felt bad and called me back after an hour or two and suggested she offer the new tenant a different apartment that another set of tenants are moving out of two weeks later than his original move in date. The catch is we have to put him up in a local hotel if he needs it for 2 weeks. So no problem. For only a few bucks more and I don't need to find a new place at the last second and push back my major exams on July 13th. Very happy! I signed the new lease so we are all set staying where we are. Woohoo!

    Lucked out on this one boys. Maybe it was because I was really nice on the phone and let her know how screwed we were if we had to move. I'm amazed people still have a conscience nowadays. This has given me a little bit more faith in humanity.

    I rewarded myself by chopping up some wood and stacking it to dry while the 5th coat of shell dries on the eagle (adding a 6th tonight).

  12. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I sent her a link to this thread....
    Nice to hear it worked out peaceably. Usually when clowns find out I doing ugly "well", they change their tune. The paying for THEIR hotel is still BS. It's actually her F-up, she should foot the bill.
    Hopefully you won't have to. Next thing you know, they will be staying at the Ritz. Stick them in a laquinta, pets stay free or you can tack on another 30bucks a day at the comfort suites chain hotels. If ya need my corporate rate code for LQ, pm me.
  13. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    Back to the eagle.

    Doing the 7th and final coat now. There are 5 internal coats and 7 outer ones. Do you think u should do an 8th just to be sure or 7 enough?

    I think the shell is between 1/4 and 1/3" thick at the moment.

    For burn out I'm going to wrap it in ceramic fiber blanket and melt the wax out then put it in my kiln for a few hours at 900 or so until the shell bakes. I tested the kiln out today for the first time. The thing runs great! Got it up to 1500 with no problem although I think its rated for 2300 or so.

    I bought materials for a big burnout kiln but don't have time to make it for the eagle.

    Have you ever heard of ceramic fiber board? I bought some it seems promising as a material.
  14. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I'd be good with 5/7 and a seal coat.
  15. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    You WILL be doing an 8th anyway after burnout.
  16. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    So 2 more coats? Hmm.

    Its getting hard to manipulate at about 30 lbs. I'll see what I can do. I think the body needs more support than the sprues on top so I'll coat that part for sure.

    Read my previous post I added stuff.
  17. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Barry uses that board in baton rouge. 7 layers on the outside should be plenty. After you dewax, you WILL have some cracks someplace. To make sure you dont have a bronze fountain, I'd do another layer of slurry and silica just to be safe AFTER dewax. I do it just about every time these days myself. So if you have 5/7 now, do a final dip in slurry only and dewax it.

  18. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    Yeah I just measure it its probably about 1/2" thick now with 6 coats. So 7 should bring it up to 5/7. And an 8th patch repair coat will bring it higher. Should be ok. I am planning on burying it in sand when pouring as I don't trust the shell on such a large object.
  19. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Smart move. You'll be fine. What do you estimate this fat ass is going to weigh?
  20. Zapins

    Zapins Silver

    Just finished coating. Man these large pieces are a real pain in the ass to coat. I wasted a lot of shell that spilled onto the floor. Gotta upgrade my setup in the future. Almost used a full 5 gallons of slurry mix. Crazy.

    When its poured I think it will be maybe 35 to 40 pounds after sprue removal and cleanup.

    Do you use borax for tig welding bronze or just do it straight without flux?

    Man this shell might be 1/4" in some places its hard to tell. Or thicker? See the brown uncoated wax that's 1 inch across next to 7 coats of shell on the same sized sprue. Meh

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