Leave the porch light on for me.

Discussion in 'Lost wax casting' started by Jason, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Peedee

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    I was thinking of the blue lanterns outside old british police stations! Will you supply spare glass when you sell the lantern or is just a production back up? I'd be concerned about the glass cracking with temp differential unless it can 'float' in service.
  2. Hopefully the amber light light district just involves furries :eek:. Stick it on the roof peak, fit some remote radio triggered xenon strobes and you'll have your personal nav aid: green and red align with opposite ends of the runway whereas blue signifies a "rear entry sideways" LOL o_O
  3. Jason

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    The glass will "float" on the back. I'll supply the spares. There is no mold of any of this and it's one of a kind. I don't need 'em.

    Now you clowns have me wanting to ditch the blue!:eek: WTF is a rear entry sideways anyways? Sounds painful, I think I'll have to pass.:D
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  4. Tobho Mott

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    Seems like you have the glass all figured out, coming along great!

  5. Peedee

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    I'm avoiding the glass BP jokes.

    In all seriousness (I know, difficult) what is your light source? The glass is going to appear very differently when lit and by what source. You may find the amber changes dramatically with a flame or incandescant and the blue is lost, other sources could bring out different effects. Even point or diffuse can make a huge difference in effect. The slumped lense effect of the light it casts.

    May be worth some consideration, or I've spent too much of my life in lighting.....!
  6. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Good points. No gas flame on this one. I'm going with a conventional ceramic bulb holder and it will be hard wired hopefully to someone elses house. :D I dont need another porch light. I've got that British Peter Marsh from the 1950's. I've found these all glass Led Edison bulbs that have a warm color. They are a little smaller than normal bulbs and should fit good. Eco smart A19 bulbs is what they are called. Heres a link. They dont have that stupid plastic base on them like most. Cheap as chips. Hey! Any chance you know of any history behind Peter Marsh from Birmingham? There isn't much online.:(

  7. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    It is soooooo hot!!!


    Working on the wet saw actually felt cool. The Amber went down in the fight. I'm changing to yellow anyways. This red has a crack and will be changed out too. The trick I figured out is rough cut them out and then slide up against the blade sideways to trim to size. Holding them in place is going to be a nightmare. Might look into some commercial bonding goo.
    Or one single screw through the middle.o_O


    Well deserved Shiner.

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  8. Peedee

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    I don't know of Peter Marsh but know a man who probably does (He collects all kinds of vintage lighting) It'll be one of 'those' converasations I'll reserve until I have a LOT of time if you know what I mean!

    I designed an A19 shaped envelope for one of our products so am familiar with the size, should work nicely with the scale of that lantern.
  9. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Short video. Sometimes ya just don't want to film everything.;)

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  10. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    The melted glass is too cool.
    You need to make 10,000 of these, but that would probably take a while.
  11. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    lol, I'd be bored after the second one.:D Too many ideas and not enough time.:(
  12. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    You should consider selling stuff like that as toys too.
    No sense limiting the market that you can sell to.
    Put a little troll doll in it and call it a troll house.
    You could sell a bunch I think.

  13. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I think glass adult toys would be a better seller. But imagine the liability when something breaks off in some poor bastard!:eek::rolleyes::oops: I'll leave that one to the pros.
  14. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    No doubt there is big money to be made there, but I believe it is a slippery slope down the rabbit hole, and not exactly something I would write home about to the parents and grandparents.
    Its hard to be a nice person when you swim in the sewer.

    Mini-dollhouses are good clean fun.

  15. oldironfarmer

    oldironfarmer Silver Banner Member

    Excellent video!

    After seeing more and getting an idea of what you're really doing have you thought about a clamp strip up each corner holding two adjacent sheets. You could allow for differential expansion that way and retain the strips with screws from the inside. Just thinking out loud.

    Fall 2019? That's like, two weeks away...
  16. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    lol.. maybe a bit optimistic on the completion date. It will be done when it's done right?

    That's a good idea.. I was talking to some ladies today that are big in the glass world and they suggested using E6000 and glue the glass to the frames. They said it will tolerate expansion and contraction. I need to research the stuff some more.. I picked up some more green, red and a decent yellow. Apparently, yellow and orange glass is hard to find and pricey. I left a hundred bucks behind on glass and a cutter today.:rolleyes:
  17. Zapins

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    Yeah I've used E6000 a decent number of times with jewelry and setting stones. It hold them pretty well. Never had anything come out of a setting in several years.

    But why not tig some bronze tabs on the back side and then bend them into place to hold the glass?

    I want to see what the yellow looks like.

    Man you make me want to get my kiln repaired now. I just need to cut the fire brick to hold the element then its ready to rock.
  18. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    I'd call that a pretty respectable yellow....

  19. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    5 sided pain in the ass! :mad: Last time I do anything with 5 sides! :( I was being greedy.:rolleyes: I wanted 4 colors visible.:oops: The back is solid.:D

    Still working welding. I swear the more I weld this stuff the less I want to weld steel. Its lick your palm buttery smooth.



    Tapered the inside of the holes. That hole is 1/2" and will fill with weld to the pegs. Then drill for electrical wire. No fasteners, no visible welds. Hate em.

    Glass is done. All eight pieces. (spare set)
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  20. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    Drum roll......

    The first lighting of the lamp. Construction is just about finished. It still needs bead blasting and patina. I decided I don't trust glue for the glass. I got lucky and drilled 8 pieces of glass. I drilled a hole in the middle of each panel, tapped it, installed bronze screws with the heads lopped off and tig welded them from the outside. They won't go anywhere and hide perfectly. Only the glass is held on by mechanical means. Everything else is welded and there forever. I think this thing would be perfect outside a beach house for the next hundred years.

    20190717_223634.jpg 20190717_223547.jpg

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