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    Thanks Jason. I did Order ( for $26 Canadian and it’s getting delivered tomorrow) from Amazon A 3amp variable 9–24 V DC Computer supply with potentiometer and digital display read out.,aps,199&sr=8-48&th=1
    I already tested it using 18 V DC and it will empty a .8 L peanut butter jar of diesel fuel in just under two minutes through a 3/16 diameter ID hose. The hose was 1/4 OD and about 2 feet long.
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    Up here in Canada we have a chain called princess auto.

    I just had to be patient. They have a section in the store called surplus. This department buys things from everything from military..... you name it junk.

    It is very similar to One of your junk store in the US. But they have the best return policy you’ll ever see.

    Both the pump (walbro 6000 series) and DELAVAN nozzle I picked up for about $20 Canadian.

    I do believe they were at one time a match set for a particular system as they have the same voltage and Barb size.


    Edit; maybe I should’ve added this to the best of the best burners thread.???
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  3. Jason

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    That's a deal. Your princess auto is wayyy better than our shitty harbor freight. No surplus, only stinky smelly chinese junk. There is a distinct smell of outgassing plastic when ya hit the door. Smell like that at your PA?
  4. OMM

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    Most of our princess auto smells like weird hydraulic fluid when you walk through the doors. The outgassing plastic smell isn’t until you hit 10th ile. But it is a good fun store.
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    Princess Auto is also missing some of the stuff you guys can get at Harbor Freight. I don't think we can get those router speed controllers you guys in the US can, for example.

    Y'know, my son's friend's dad works at a crematorium... Never thought of asking him about firebrick, that's a good idea!

    Heh, my sister in law's new neighbourhood was built just on the far side of a cemetery and crematorium on the southern edge of town. When the wind is just right, a light gentle snow of fine white ash falls on everything. Just a dusting really. Wife's sister thinks it comes from the campfires at the trailer park campground a ways down the road, but I'm pretty sure it's cremains. I didn't have the heart to tell her.

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    I agree. If you want to build a hydraulic whatyamacallit or something with lots of chains and pulleys, Princess Auto is awesome but as far as tools go, Princess Auto's selection is pretty mainstream, most of their stuff you wouldn't have too much trouble finding elsewhere, Harbor Freight seems to have a broader selection of oddball tools. One of these days, I need to go check them out, there's one not too far from where I live but I haven't gone yet because crossing the border's kind of a hassle these days.
  7. OMM

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    I got the DC power control today and I put the pump and DELAVAN to the test. The maximum flow rate with the needle valve full open was 2.9 L per hour (.77 US gal/hour) with no syphon pressurized air feed.

    With the same pump and a 0.035 mig tip attached to the 3/16 ID line to the pump it’s a flow rate was 19.2L per hour( 5 us gallons per hour)

    With the 3/16 ID line from the pump just open flow rate was 133 L per hour( 35 US gallons per hour).

    78B5D262-EC37-4611-8C1E-BB7EAA8DC8B5.jpeg 66833741-4682-4973-9071-8078B7FE53CC.jpeg

    The nice part (for me) is trying to keep a somewhat controlled situation. I’m gonna grab a few more Mig tips. And keep testing.

    If I keep using the same turbine, I think I might have all my questions answered if I have the ability to over deliver combustion air that Mists fuel with some type of a throttle.
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  8. OMM

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    Remember, stamped on the pump, it is to deliver 7 psi at 24 V. I filtered the diesel fuel through a coffee filter before subjecting to the pump.

    I also filtered the recycled motor oil through the same type filter. Obviously this bug did not service well in the Diesel.

    A4ADBDB1-25FC-4D9A-85A2-DDE7070AF547.jpeg F356C14D-B949-486A-93C3-745CD304C5B7.jpeg
  9. Petee716

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    Yeah bugs dont atomize well either.
    I wonder if a moderate voltage turn-down with your current mig tip would get you to the 2-3 gallon per hour range (if that's what you're shooting for) leaving you with some upward wiggle room. An increase in viscosity using WMO or WVO with your current setup might do the job as well although I dont know if your pump is suited for potentially gritty stuff.

  10. Melterskelter

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    If a person is using a siphon nozzle, an in-line fuel filter should definitely be used. This true when burning “clean” diesel and certainly when burning any fuel that may contain suspended solids in it. I found out the the best setup is to have filter connected to the nozzle via an unbroken line and located as near as practical to the nozzle. On my first installation the filter was located preceding a quick connect break in the fuel line. I tried to be careful to keep the connectors clean but still ended up with partial plugging of the nozzle with a gradual accumulation of fine dirt. No trouble since putting the filter on the nozzle side of the connector.

  11. OMM

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    Pete, my long-range goal is hopefully not to use the pump. But I do like the idea of delivery through a 3/16 ID line (1/4 OD). So I’m not cancelling the pump completely for delivery. My challenge is now delivering enough combustion air that atomizes, as well with a over abundance of fuel that can be dialled in via a needle valve.

    I don’t believe I have seen anybody, do medium pressure fuel and high delivery CFM through a small delivery through a 1/2 Iron pipe.

    I am going to leave my original Kwiki status quo, but I am in search for something more simple.
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  12. Al Puddle

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    Do you have any explainations why the location of the filter works well one way but not the other? I'm baffeld.
  13. Melterskelter

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    Yes, I do. I suspect you are baffled because I did not explain the two setups well.

    With the filter in a portion of the fuel line that goes directly to the nozzle without any entry point for dirt between the filter and the nozzle, only clean filtered fuel is delivered to the nozzle. In a setup where the fuel is filtered after leaving the tank but also where there is an interruption of the fuel line between the filter and the nozzle, dirt has a chance to enter at that interruption. In my original setup I had a quick connect (like an airline quick connect) in the fuel line placed between the filter and the nozzle. I disconnect my fuel from the nozzle after each session of melting. I am sure that even though I tried to keep the connectors clean, a little dust got into the connectors and was washed down to the nozzle with each session. Eventually the crud accumulated enough to imair function.

    Now, if any dirt gets into the connectors, the fuel still has to pass through the filter after it washes the connector and any dirt is trapped in the filter.

    Original setup

    Improved setup

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  14. Al Puddle

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    Hmm, I'll stick that info in my memory bank.
  15. Melterskelter

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    The compressed air supply should be set up in the same way. Contamination of the compressed air is similarly a big problem. But with properly filtered compressed air and fuel, the nozzle is reliable and efficient.

  16. Jason

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    I don't run a filter.... When I built my fuel tanks, it draws from a standpipe. It can have all the trash in there it wants, unless I get 2inches of crap, she won't clog. :p Never draw directly from the bottom of anything. That's asking for trouble. If I need to sketch this out, let me know. It's dead nutz simple.
  17. DavidF

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    Its also simple science that some shit floats.... A filter is a simple and cheap prevention measure....
  18. Melterskelter

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    Are you running a siphon nozzle? Never had a clog? Wow, that is impressive. I am surprised you would not choose to run a 5 dollar filter.

  19. Petee716

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    Could you snap a picture or post a link so I can see the type of filters you're using for air and fuel? I have a dip tube in my waste oil tank like Jason but I have a spin-on automotive filter just after the tank. I do detach my hoses like you describe so my setup is essentially the same as your former setup. Although I have had zero problems so far and my nozzle has remained clog free, it's probably only a matter of time. I don't run nearly as much fuel as you and I actually take mine apart fairly frequently to inspect the o-ring and to clean it while I'm down there. However there a couple of things that lend to me making the filter modification presently. One is that I use diesel out of an unfiltered bucket to warm the furnace before switching to WMO. That operation consists of unplugging one hose and dropping it on the ground and picking the other one off the ground and snapping it onto the burner fuel pipe. Sounds like a bad idea all of a sudden. The other is that my burners needle valve is leaking and should probably be replaced. It was the absolute cheapest one I could find and tightening the packing nut helped, but I don't like it. So as long as I'm servicing the line anyway, I might as well add the filter.

  20. Melterskelter

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    I just happen to have my burner tube nearby. It is usually 15 mins away, but not today.
    The foil over the connectors is just something I do to try to reduce contamination.
    85AEF849-1605-47C0-8E51-6EAEF472FF6C.jpeg 69050C30-EF9B-41A0-AA7C-D5E19EACF9C3.jpeg

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